César Larios

Freelance Graphic Designer

After nearly two decades working for design companies and non-profits, I now focus most of my time to helping clients of my own.
I’m here to help.

Design Work

From non-profits to educational institutions, small business and shopping centers, diversity is what makes my job amazing.

Web projects

A collection of website projects. The majority are website re-design projects others have been brand new design concepts. Both types of projects share a similar process, starting with a research stage, concept, design, review, and final delivery. I primarily develop WordPress websites.

Print Projects

My experience with print projects ranges beyond memory lane. I have designed multi-page booklets, billboards, packaging products, stationaries, t-shirts, brochures, vehicle wraps, white papers, newspaper ads, and many more items. I have seen plenty of print projects to take them from digital to tangible or vice versa.

Let's implement creativity together!